Our Story

Panther Boards is a high-school-student-run company that produces fully custom, high-performance skis. William Tennent High School students manufacture every single board in Pennsylvania, so by purchasing Panther Boards, you are supporting both education and American craftsmanship!

Unlike other companies, Panther Boards prides itself on creating products fabricated to fit every customer. By shopping with Panther Boards, not only do you have the ability to tailor your ski to your height, weight, and riding preferences (location, maneuverability, and capability), but you can also customize the graphics as well. We truly build a high-quality ski made just for you. It’s no wonder that after less than half a year of operation we have sold skis that have made their mark on slopes across the United States and Europe.

We operate in an environment that educates students about craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. We have our very own Mobile Manufacturing Lab, enabling us to produce boards in almost any location. And the learning doesn’t end with craftsmanship. Our passionate students have the unique opportunity to experience entrepreneurship in an application-based context. With executive positions such as Marketing, Finance, Technology, Human Resources, Ski Design, Graphic Design, Supply Chain Management, and Shipping Department heads, Centennial School District students have access to the ultimate leadership experience.  Immersed in a project where collaboration, communication, and accountability are necessary, Panther Boards students are preparing themselves for the real world like never before.

In a sport where having personalized equipment matters most, Panther Boards links customers to their perfect skis. Led by students who take pride in their work, Panther Boards helps our country’s youngsters reach their full potential. There truly is nothing like this in the entire country. Forget Silicon Valley…the real innovation is happening at Centennial School District! Join the movement and help make an impact on our country’s future!